2021 Update: Tier 1 Medical Group is ready to assist your public events happen in a safe and compliant manner.  Tier 1 Medical is able to priovide screening services in addition to its normal services.  Tier 1 Medical Personnel are Procedures are prepared with COVID guidelines in mind.

Tier 1 Medical Group has been providing on site medical services on the Central Coast since 2015.  From band-aids and water to CPR and Heat Stroke, our Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) are prepared and equipped for any patient at any event.

While we are very well prepared for something to go wrong, we more importantly prevent injuries or illness from happening.  Our EMTs actively monitor crowds looking for potential issues.  From offering someone a bottle of wate, a cool shady place to rest, or some earplugs, we are always there to help.   

Each event is different, and we work with all stake holders to ensure a favorable outcome for all involved.  Tier 1 Medical Group only provides licensed Emergency Medical Technicians and is fully insured.

Tier 1 Medical Group is not a transport provider.  What does this mean? Some events are required to have a transport provider ambulance on site.  That means an ambulance which can normally transport a patient is on site at all times.  More and more, Tier 1 Medical is being used in conjunction with a transport provider to ensure that both minor and major illness and injuury are promptly treated.