This innovative extraction system is constructed of 1" Tech Tape with a tensile strength of 4000 lbs., outperforming 1" military spec webbing not only in strength but also in flexibility, knotability and durability. Two weather-proof flexible handles offer additional grip and comfort to the rescuer. The floating black bull ring provides adjustable attachment point configurations. Also includes a Black Omega, non-locking "D" carabiner rated for 31kN (6968.8 lbs.)



Designed to Allow the Rescuer to:

  • Maintain engagement with threat
  • Utilize improved body mechanics by maintaining an anatomically correct posture for rapidly extracting greater weight
  • Maintain natural postures & positions that preclude shifting of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that either obviates that equipment or exposes additional unprotected body regions
  • Decrease manpower needs in "zeroed in" locations
  • More rapid extraction translates into more rapid entry into the tiered system of TCCC treatment modalities.
    (Reference: Bleed out from a femoral artery occurs in 2 to 4 minutes)

Dragon Handle System